Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

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Our Promise

  • We believe beauty comes from the inside
  • We strive to create an environment where inner beauty can thrive
  • We love creating unique experience for each guest
  • We promise to use product that are always safe, effective, user friendly and sustainable


We believe in “beauty from the inside out” and create personalized cut and color designs for YOU taking into account your lifestyle, beauty, budget, skin tone, eye color, style, and needs. All new client color appointments begin with a complimentary IMAGE CONSULTATION. We will work within your budget to create a look that you can and will maintain that works with your lifestyle and brings out your beauty from the inside.

What to expect in your image consultation:

  • We will discuss your hair goals (using pictures for inspiration and agreeing on WHAT you hope to achieve with your visit)
  • Take an assessment of your current hair situation
  • Get to understand your BEAUTY BUDGET (both the amount of time AND $ you are willing to commit to achieving your goals)